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Web Site Design, Redesign and Development

Do you need to acquire a Web presence to keep pace with your competitors?
If you already have a Web site, do you simply want to integrate a fresher, more professional look and feel?
Do you want your Web site to employ the latest time-saving, cost-effective tools to help enhance your company’s revenue?
Give Ivytech a call today to meet with you and your team members to determine the following:

  • Brand Positioning

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Target Audience

  • Overall Objectives

  • Website Requirements

  • Initial Design/Redesign Ideas

  • Internal Business Process needed to support your site

  • Future Initiatives

A company’s Web presence needs to be developed in conjunction with its management team: Our process, therefore, ensures your complete involvement, from the beginning, we take the time to learn your target market and how the web site can improve your bottom line.  During the development of the website, we are meeting with you and presenting samples to ensure the finished site is what you expected.  Involving you in our Web-based strategies guarantees end-results that effectively meet your business needs.

As stated, we custom-design every website we create. We guarantee our work. We have been nominated for International Design Awards and are very proud of every website we design. Each site is hand-crafted and custom-made to your specifications. There are no templates.

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"One client of Ivytech doubled their sales the first year with their new website. The second year, they doubled again. Sales have increased for 15 years straight. Everyone he asked said they found him because of his website."
They LOVE Ivytech! 

Let Ivytech design your website. Call us at 513-870-0196, or e-mail us at squinn@ivytech.com.

Key Benefits of a Website

[Bullet] Increase Sales and Profits.
[Bullet] Instantly become International.
[Bullet] Reach a lot more customers (1,000,000,000 plus.)
[Bullet] Reduce postage, phone, and fax expenses.
[Bullet] Save time and duplication of effort. (We can all use more time.)
[Bullet] Stay open 24 hours a day electronically.
[Bullet] We can tell you how many people visit and what they look at, don't just advertise, market.
[Bullet] Remember, the World Wide Web is fast becoming the standard in communication.
[Bullet] You can directly market to the individuals or companies interested in your product or service.

Web Design by Ivytech

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